About Us

About Us

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The whole gaming gang.

We are the team at Games-Monitoring.com and we love all thing tech & video game related. Our favorite things include video games such as Super Smash Bros, Fortnite, & more.Unlike normal people who like to go on long walks at the beach, we love to stay inside, play video games & devour tons of snacks! We also don’t consider ourselves to be normal… It just seems really bland and boring.

Our mornings consist of Twitch streams and Spotify Podcasts.

Our Story

We decided to create Games Monitoring after hours of studying video game frame data. Though we are lovers of all games, our favorite genre is action games.

It all started when we were in our basement watching a documentary on the game “Super Smash Bros Melee”. We saw someone who was very inspirational to us, his name is Mew2King. When we found out that he spent hours manually figuring out frame data on his own, we decided to go on a venture and start figuring frame data as well.

We started doing this in Super Smash Bros Melee, but fast forward sometime later, we decided to venture into other games such as: Street Fighter, Injustice, and more!

After a while, we started to lose interest in frame data, but still had a love for video games, and thus why we created Games-Monitoring. We really are huge fans of every type of video game out there, our team appreciates the effort that game developers have put into making these games.

That is why we want to review these games in-depth, as well as give tips, tricks, and hints about them.

Being bloggers in the gaming industry forced us to keep up with the latest technology… As you may know, the newer the games, the newer the tech. PS4 in 2018 isn’t running PS2 games that came out back in the day, and vice versa. That is the beauty of gaming and tech, it keeps getting better with time.

The more we’ve learned about tech over the years, the more passionate we have also grew of the tech industry.

We’ve been doing this for the last 5 years, gaming, as well as tech, has become a part of our everyday lifestyle.

games monitoring
John when he was a kid, should have taken a group pic.

Our Goal

We’re dedicated to helping you! Our goal is to keep you updated on the latest news about the latest games, as well as, provide tips and tricks for these games.

We care about our readers so much, that we want you to know if there’s anything that you feel we haven’t included, you can shoot us an email [email protected]