S4 League: The Most Underrated Game Ever

S4 League: The Most Underrated Game Ever

Why S4 League Is Underrated

A lot of people will read this and question to themselves “What is S4 League?”

s4 league

Released in 2007 by Neowiz MUCA, S4 league surprised the world of gamers. It is a fast-paced third-person shooter… This games mechanics doesn’t make it just any “third-person shooter”.

S4 was fortnite before fortnite was fortnite. It makes me wonder if the developers of Fortnite used a spy app to get some ideas

S4 League’s fluidity and unique style of play is what makes it standout. S4 is packed with unique weapons, you won’t find just any gun that you can get from a store.

The game also has a wide variety of clothing for you to pick from for your character. The game developers want you to be creative. They’ll occasionally have contests or events to let you design your characters clothing. If they think your design is the best, then they’ll go with it. The loser will just have to try again next year as they only pick one…

Sadly enough though, this game isn’t on console. It’s for all the PC lovers out there, however, given the way the move set is, it’d be really hard to play this game with a controller anyways.

I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing, given the amount of control you have with your character. Hours of playing this game, can feel like you’re in a virtual reality.

What modes can you play in S4 League?

In S4, there are a ton of game modes. Touchdown, Chaser, Deathmatch, & more.

Chaser: In this mode, there is  one “chaser” and many “runners”. This mode is a survival mode. One person is picked as a dedicated chaser. This persons objective is to catch each player who’s not the chaser. To receive the most points, it is recommended that you catch each person by the target symbol to have an overall score. To win the game, you must kill as many runners as possible, as this makes your overall score higher.

Runner: As the runner, your goal is simply what it sounds. To run away. When you’re the runner you want to survive until the next round. If you survive, you will receive 15 points towards your overall score. If you die, you will only receive 5 points, which increases the chance of someone being above you on the score chart.

Death Match: This mode is a bit more traditional. The objective of a Death Match is to help assist teammates whether it’s with healing support, ammo support, or just as some kind of distraction for a play. Your goal is to help your teammates eliminate your opponents. In Death Match, there are several modes which declare winners in different ways based on the time. In a 10 minute match, the first team to reach 40 wins, in a 20 min match, the team to reach 80 wins, and in an 30 minute match, the first team to reach 100, is the winner.

Touch Down: Touch Down in S4 League, is like real life hockey. The objective of this mode is to grab the fumbi before your opponents, and work with your team to score in the goal. There are numerous cool ways to do this.

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