Why You Should Play Spider-man on PS4

Why You Should Play Spider-man on PS4

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about the brand new Spider-man game for PlayStation 4. It’s developed by Insomniac and it features the web-slinger doing what he does best: kickin’ butt and taking names. It is similar to the other Spider-man games in that it features a sprawling open world that begs you to explore every single inch of it. What makes it stand apart is that it isn’t based on a movie or specific comic, but it is an original story which draws from elements of the Spider-man mythos. If you’re a comic book or even just a movie fan, you’ll have a blast (if you can stay away from your spy apps long enough).

The Story

The game takes place 8 years into Peter’s tenure as Spider-man and things are going pretty well. He’s got a nice job and most of the villains are locked up. However, it’s the emergence of a “negative man” which spurs the plot into action. The villains then all begin to team up to take Spider-man down once and for all. While the story, in my opinion, is not nearly as good as the movies, it does a great job of creating a living breathable world and scenarios for Spider-man to expose. There are also numerous side missions you can complete which further flesh out the story. It’s a great single-player experience with no multiplayer.

The Gameplay

A game isn’t any good without good gameplay. And that’s where Spider-man shines. New York is beautiful and filled with criminals that need punishment. While you fly around the city, you can interject in various crimes that are happening. The fighting is just what you would expect from a Spider-man game; lots of high flying ariel combat and lots of web shooting. If you’ve ever played the Arkham Batman games, the combat should be very similar and equally as rewarding. If you time things correctly, you should never miss a beat and be as acrobatic as the Spider himself.

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