5 Ways To Know If Your Opponent Is Cheating

5 Ways To Know If Your Opponent Is Cheating

5 Ways To Know If Your Opponent Is Cheating

In gaming, there are people who will do just anything to win. Winning is fun, but most of us rather do it the legit way… When playing against a cheater, it takes the joy out of the game. There are many ways to know if your opponent is cheating, if you want to learn then I will list some of the ways to know if your opponent is cheating, below.

1. Analyze & Record The Match

ways to know if your opponent is cheatingBefore classifying someone as a cheater, it is important to make sure you absolutely know that they’re cheating first. The best way to identify this is by recording your match and making sure that there’s nothing fishy.

When analyzing the match, you want to check for basic things:

  • What gear is your opponent using?
  • How fast is their character moving?
  • Do they have unreleased weapons?
  • How high is their HP?

Watch your games matches with them closely and identify what you think might be wrong based on your knowledge of the game… Take notes, and next time you play against them, see if you notice those same issues.

Before calling them out, you’ll want to make sure that it’s not a lag issue. I’d check with your internet service provider first.


2. Make Sure They’re Not Using Suspicious Apps

With how technology is growing in this day and age, you’ll want to make sure they’re not using any apps or mysterious AI technology. There are many spy apps, livestream apps, and gaming apps that allow you to do this.

How to identify if they’re using one of these apps:

Tell them to record their screen while they’re playing the game, or tell them to record themselves while they’re playing. You can be ways to know if your opponent is cheatingbrutally honest and tell them that you suspect that they’re cheating or you can say you’re fascinated by how they play the game and you’d like to see it from their perspective.

I think either approach would work.

Approach A: If they’re truly passionate about the game, they’ll want to prove you wrong and wouldn’t have a problem recording themselves to prove you wrong.

Approach B: We live in a world where people genuinely love attention. If you tell someone you’re fascinated by them, they may show you how they play because they feel great that you like how they play.

How you decide to approach them is totally up to you.

3. Report Them To Someone With High Authority

If the first two choices isn’t for you, then here’s choice three. If you really suspect this person of being guilty, then simply report them to a higher authority who can actually check out their account and see if what they’re doing is legit.

Typically the people you should be looking to report these bad guys to are GMs (Game Masters), Mods (Moderators), etc.

This can be a good alternative if you just don’t feel like going through the trouble of the first two, but something you should know.. If this person is your friend, and you just want to see if your friend is cheating, you may risk your friends account being banned from the game which will take away their chances of being able to play again.

4. Just Ask Them

I once played someone who took pride in cheating… He did things such as get hacks that allowed him to use the gear for free, that everyone else had to pay for. I asked him why did he pride himself in doing that? Why not just spend the money like everyone else and try to get the same items as everyone else?

He responded: Because why would I pay all this money for increased gear stats when I can just get it for free.

That guy took pride in his cheating & funny enough, because everyone knew he was cheating… No one actually ever reported him or hated him for it. He was still looked upon as a great player because honestly, he was a great player… But it seemed like what people respected more than his skills was simply his honesty


5. Ask Their Clan Members

This final step is one of the best ways to know if your opponent is cheating… You’d think because you’re in a clan with people, they’d always be loyal to you but it doesn’t always work like that. Just because two people are in a clan, doesn’t mean they get along. I’m sure you’ve had that one person in your clan before that you just couldn’t stand… With that being said, ask their clan members!

Some clan members despise other clan members so much that they’d do anything just to get them removed from the clan. If you stumble upon one of those guys, and they tell you that their clan member does hack, in order to avoid ruining the clan’s reputation, the leader is going to take drastic measures by kicking that hacker out which in return gives this member a reason to tell you whether they hack or not.

Search for these guys find them, and get all the info you can.

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